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Harris Potteris

Coquette Mirror Series Die-Cut Post Card

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Original design | Harris Potteris ⚡️
Original design
Ship internationally  | Harris Potteris ⚡️
Ship internationally

A series featuring these iconic pets being elegant and feeling like royalty because they deserve it! And now its in post card form where you can send it prettily to your friend. 👑🪞🎀 

  • Custom cutting post card, writting area is on the back
  • Size: Teddy - 12cm(w) x 14.6cm(h), Hedwig - 14cm(w) x 12.4cm(h)
  • Paper material: Maple Bright, 250gsm
  • Colours: As shown in pictures
    (Note: Colour vibrancy may slightly differ from picture due to lighting differences.)
  • Hand drawn by Jennifer Lim